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KUPA Thumbnails:

Your quick guide to nail care.

How to Safely Remove Gel-Polish with an Electric File

Soaking isn't the only way to remove gel-polish. Using an E-file saves time and can be fairly easy once you learn the proper technique. Read »

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The Essentials in every Nail Tech's Toolkit

When you invest in a basic tool kit, it’s essential to know how to properly use each implement to provide an optimum manicure or pedicure and to extend the life of your investment. Click on the image above to download.


Proper Prep and Application of Gel Polish

For a perfect gel-polish manicure, here's how to prepare the nail bed correctly and apply products for a beautiful finish.


The Dos and Don'ts of E-File Usage

From repairing cracks to grooming natural nails, these handy machines do a lot and will save you considerable time, thereby increasing your bottom line. Download the guide and find out if you are getting the most out of your e-file.


How to Properly Fit a Nail Form

Whether sculpting square, almond, ballerina or stiletto shaped nails, the first step is fitting a nail form properly to obtain strong and beautiful results


How to Care for Nail Brushes

Don’t underestimate the power of nail brushes. They might sometimes be considered an afterthought, but these tools play a big role in a nail tech’s job. Whether you’re applying acrylics, hard gel, or nail art, you need to know the appropriate brushes to use and how to care for them correctly.


How to Further Your Nail Education

We all know continuing education is of the utmost importance. Nail school prepares you for the basics, but it's what you learn after graduation that can really count. Consider these real-world pointers for what you should be brushing up on now. You'll find out when you download the latest chapter of KUPA Thumbnails.


How to Maintain Your E-File

E-files are a heavily used part of most nail techs’ tool kits, helping them perform services more efficiently. To keep this valuable tool working effectively, it’s necessary to maintain it correctly. Find out when you download the latest chapter of KUPA Thumbnails.


Tips for Applying Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are a classic service that will never go out of style, but new product developments still improve this service. Get the tips when you download the latest chapter of KUPA Thumbnails.


How to Properly Use Gelfinity from Brush to Embellishments

Adding embellishments is the perfect way to finalize a nail look, but there are a few critical steps to take prior that will determine how long they will last on your client.


How to Use Carbide Bits

KUPA's 10pc K-Star Carbide Bit Kit features bits for every salon need. Bits are available in gold or silver finish and come in a cylindrical container that displays each bit for easy organization


New Age Dipping

Dip systems have been available for many years, but new advances mean they are now faster, longer-lasting, and more versatile than ever before.


KUPA Thumbnails are your quick guide to nail care. The KUPA name is synonymous with high-quality electric nail filing equipment. KUPA is devoted to educating nail technicians through guides and videos to help nail technicians improve their business as well as their nail-filing skills.

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