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August Sale |  20% off on Dip Products and Acrylic Colored Powders

Hey Nail Techs! During the hot August month we're cooling down the price by 20% on all our Dipfinity Dip products and all Triptych acrylic colored powders. To learn more abou the dipping process keep scrolling below to watch how to Dip videos or download the step by step process by Kupa Thumbnails .

Dipfinity Starter Kit + UV/LED Lamp (your choice of Black or White lamp)

Reg $234.95

$187.96 (20% Off) August Sale

Dipfinity Starter Kit

KUPA's Nail Dipping System.

• Polyfusion reinforced

• Less time / high profit

• No odor

• Non-irritant

For a limited time, get an extra bottle of Adhesive FREE. ($14.95 value)

Great Starter Price $39.95

$31.96 August Sale

it’s not too late, to dip it, dip it good

Reg. $14.95

New Price $9.95

$7.96 August Sale

Step 1

Dipfinity Dehydrator

Essential for a long lasting bond.

Step 2

Dipfinity Primer

Creates union between nail & Dipfinity product.

Step 3

Dipfinity UV/LED Adhesive

Apply a thin even coat of adhesive to the nail, dip in the TripTych colored powder of your choice.

Step 4

Dipfinity UV/LED Top Gloss

Soak-off Gel TopCoat completes the DipFinity system.

Artfinity Triptych Acrylic Colored Powders

KUPA's New ArtFinity TripTych Acrylics include 3 techniques in the same powder: Ombré Nails, 3D Nail Art and Dipping. Available in 40 attractive colors, the Triptych colored powders work seamlessly with KUPA's DipFinity Dipping System.

Reg. $9.95 ea

$7.96 August Sale

Disposable Dip Tray

Disposable nail Dip Trays for your Dipfinity Nail Dip System.  50 Pack of refills for sanitation between clients.

Reg. $6.45

$5.16 August Sale

Fun Summer Nails

Join Jess Alexander-Snyder demonstrate a rainbow ombré across all five nails using dip.  Simple technique yet a fun summer look.

Wild Nails using Dip

Watch and find out how Brittney Chin created this totally wild look with  KUPA's Dipfinity.


New Age Dipping

Dip systems have been available for many years, but new advances mean they are now faster, longer-lasting, and more versatile than ever before.


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