KUPA E-file Handpiece

KP-55 & KP-60


Inspired by makers of Montblanc precision writing instruments. Designed for professional nailtechs with high expectations and discriminating tastes.

MANIPro KP-55 Handpiece:

  • Manufactured from durable stainless steel
  • Small nose and a rubber grip
  • Dynamically tuned coreless motor with 2 high speed precision ground bearings that allows to operate at very high speed 30,000 RPM with virtually no vibrations.
  • Weight 5.6oz
  • Size 5.35" L x 0.78" W


MANIPro KP-60 Handpiece:

  • A precision, hand crafted instrument with amazing torque and durability.
  • Sleek, ergonomic and vibration free with an ultra high-speed coreless motor.
  • Beautiful contemporary design featuring our exclusive diamond pattern finish.
  • Weight 4.23oz
  • Size 4.25" L x 0.8" W


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